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Towards a better future

SIMA was established on a vision which seeks to steer to a better tomorrow by presenting the region with enhanced quality of services. Identifying the need to advance the issue of professional service development and growth across all major industrial segments, we believe that the key element of this is change - a change from within. In line with the Oman Vision 2040, our focus & contribution towards ICV (In Country Value) is vital to stimulate productivity in the economy. We strive on promoting national employment, conserving resources, rich heritage and enhancement of intellectual know-how through products made and services provided by skilled & talented citizens.

SIMA is guided by the profound thought expressed by the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, We do not take any step without first studying it, then do so with deep conviction, and then observe the results guided by the principle of responding to the logic of evolution and development in our march forward.”

Core Values

Any organization is a part of society. We believe that businesses should benefit the society & lead to its betterment. Only a value-driven business can deliver sustainable rewards to all stakeholders and become an icon for the other to follow. Our core values are the substratum that focus on the betterment of community and wealth creation for its stakeholders.

Safety Wear


Committed to pursuing highest standards in Health, Safety & Environmental issues in all its fields of activity from concept to commissioning.

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Sustainability and an intransigent pursuit of quality in all aspects, conception to deputation.



We value everyone associated with us & enable generic people to achieve phenomenal tasks and add value to their family and community. We are committed to transfer technology and develop nationals in management and operations.

Analyzing Graphs

Capability Development

Continuously evaluate emerging trends in the industry and be prepared to meet challenges.

Business Handshake

Delivery. Guaranteed.

We commit to deliver project deliverables within the stipulated timeframe, every time.

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